Grocery & Liquor Solution

Quick Info

Our solutions come in a varience of difference sizes allowing the business owner to choose which equipment fits their business perfectly.

  • Big screens to properly organize products
  • No latency or lag, ring customers up in seconds
  • Add items to your menu in seconds
  • Top of the line quality scanners and scales

Manage Your Business Like Never Before

Our grocery and liquor solution can handle small grocery stores to big corporate chains. Our system has the option to come pre-loaded with 25,000+ UPC codes stored in your Item file ready to go. Ring up items lightening quick with the optional scanner or scale setup.

Our system has plenty of features to ensure the business owner than they can track every penny that is coming in and out of their store. We support cashier sign-ins along with intelligent drawer logging to provide you with the most accurate sales numbers.

Scanning items using our scanner and propagation background technology is extremely simple for the user. The user can use a handheld mobile scanner and walk around the store and add items into the database within seconds.

Scanners & Scales

Our scanners and scales are of the highest quality provided by G-ware.


We ensure that all of our hardware is top of the line and ready to handle any workload.

Customer Service

We are here to answer any questions that you have and can assist in setup.