About Us

The ANDROID™ Difference

We've upgraded our primary operating system from the business-interrupting complications of the old and diminishing Windows OS. Windows is known for its extremely long setup times, database failure, viruses, and expensive hardware costs and failures. We’ve dealt with the backend of Windows problems from our CeasarTouch solution, which was installed in almost 300 locations around the United States. Taking 10 years of business rules and experience in developing point of sale software, we've been offering the latest state of the art next generation point of sale systems since 2013. Our software runs on Android™ and with that being said – our systems are versatile and stable, allowing more features to enhance your business and guaranteeing your system to stay up and running in the worst conditions.

  • Faster Boot-ups
  • High Security
  • Intuitive and easy to use interfaces

View your sales from ANYWHERE

The Pathway POS Web Portal is a revolutionary feature in our system. Sales data from our Point of Sale system at your location is streamlined to our cloud servers within seconds! With internet connection, your sales data is able to be viewed from anywhere in the world - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Managing multiple stores has never been easier. We are passionate about providing our customers with the simplest yet most advanced business management experience. With our Web Portal containing over 20 different reports, we make sure that controlling your business is easier than ever.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our long-term goal at Pathway POS is to provide our customers with the best Point of Sale experience possible. We rely on our customers as much as they rely on our product to work for them. We value customer feedback on our product and are sustained by customer satisfaction. We are constantly working and putting effort towards providing our customers with excellent and friendly service along with developing the perfect Point of Sale solution for their business management needs.