GWare Grind


Our solutions come in a varience of difference sizes allowing the business owner to choose which equipment fits their business perfectly.

  • 6” Rugged Tablet
  • IP 67 rated water and dust restraint
  • IP 67, MI L-STD-81 0G
  • LTE, WiFi, bluetooth 4.0, Beidou, GPS
  • NFC, I R, 1 D/2D Barcode Scanner
  • Compass, Proximity sensor, Light sensor, Gravity sensor, Etc
  • Gorilla Glass
  • Dragontrail Glass Touch Panel
  • Accessories: Docking station , Hand strap
  • Android 5. 1 (EM-Q62)

Our cloud-based grind application saves you time & helps you accurately track your grind batches

Our cloud based application gives you easy access to your current and past grind information. In the event of a recall, you can access your reports using any web browser from any location 24 hours a day. Simply enter the recalled lot number and our system will find if the lot number was used in any grind batches. Our system also has the ability to search if this grind was used in any of your locations if you have multiple stores.

Scan the daily production list to track shop trim as you pull the daily cutting from the cooler. Record the cleaning and sanitation of the grinder
Quickly and accurately search the past grind logs by date and lot number to check for produce recalls and when they happen
Grind Batch Track will log every lug of shop trim and coarse grind to a control batch number, which will ensure you are in compliance with the USDA/FSIS laws.